Story 1- Hug Me, Kiss Me

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Hug Me, Kiss Me As the months passed, I became more and more appreciative.  I was lucky, really lucky. It may sound silly, but I’m being honest.  I’m a married man, and coming home to my wife i

Story 2 – Farm Boy

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  Farm Boy   ****  An angel     All I remember was laying in the hospital bed and seeing four nurses in white watching over me. I knew my wife Nancy was near, but I don’t kno

Story 3 – Married Late

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Married Late (Why I Love You)   Recently I had the chance to look back upon my life and think about the people that I am so thankful to, the people who have made my life wonderful.  Although

Story 4 – Never Alone

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Never Alone     Prelude    This is my story of learning how to communicate my true feelings to my wife.  Since that special day, I realize that I was never alone.      &n

Story 6 – Don’t Jump

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  Don’t Jump   Prelude   Life always brings good and bad times.  When standing near a cliff, one person thinks, “If I jump, maybe it will stop the pain.” But on another day,

Story 7 – She’s Mine

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  She’s Mine   Prelude    I often call myself a Pacifist Marine. I joined the Marine Corp to avoid the draft because I knew I couldn’t kill another human and didn’t want to

Story 8 – Leave Me Alone

Jan 25, 2019 / Blogs
  I feel very uncomfortable when people try to fix me by telling me what to do. This is especially true about my beliefs in religion and my boundaries emotionally, physically, and sexually. I was ta